Using EyesOn

How to Search

On the Search page, type in words or phrases that you want to see in a news story and press Go. Your search results are visualized on a map and pie charts. A preview of the results appears on the right column. Clicking on a visualization (map or pie chart) will filter your search.

The search box is similar to Google or Bing, you type a few words and the engine finds news matching one or more of the words. If you require a word or phrase to appear in the content, then put a + in front of it. If you never want to see a certain word, then put a - in front of it. Example: optional +always -never

To perform an exact word or phrase match, enclose it in quotes. E.g. "officer involved" will find all current instances of “officer involved accident” and “officer involved shooting”, but not “officer training involved”. Alternatively, Officer involved (without the " characters) would show all three of those phrases.

These techniques can be combined in powerful ways. For example, if you want any news containing either “arson” or “blaze”, but never “blazed a trail”, then use: arson blaze -"blazed a trail".

Save Search to Stream on Monitor

When you have a search that you want to run automatically, click “Save the Stream” - you can view it on the Monitor anytime. You can edit, move, and delete Streams from the Monitor screen. Each person’s searches are unique, so one person may focus on property crime, while another monitors spree crimes.

Monitor: Your Live News Streams

This is the main screen. Each of your saved searches appear in its own Stream column. The Monitor shows several Streams depending on the size of your screen. This means you can setup a search once and the system will run it for you automatically about every 10 minutes.

Monitor: Local Feed

The “Local Feed” contains any law enforcement related content published in your geographic region. This automatically shows breaking news – no search words are needed. You may change the geography of the Local Feed in the Settings option in the menu under your sign-in name in the upper right.

Getting Started

Getting Started as an Agency

Authorized Agency personnel may purchase at using various methods, including a GPC. During that process, you will specify an Admin account and receive instructions to get started. is an approved DoD vendor with a CAGE code. If needed, request a Capabilities Statement from for CAGE, DUNS, FEIN, NIGP, UNSPC, etc. respects civilian privacy and does not monitor individuals in their private capacity. provides a unique service using patent pending technology. pricing should fit under most micro-purchase thresholds. However, if you need information to support a sole source purchase, please contact

Getting Started as an Officer

Once your agency has approved your access, register here. Your username is your agency email address. Type your desired password twice to set it and sign in.

The system is easy to use and bubble prompts guide you the first time you sign-in. Step 3 provides checkboxes that pre-fill common searches to help you get started immediately.

How to Sign-In

Be sure to type your entire email address in the Username field. Example:

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (and the Answers)

Why don’t images load?

If you use the browser add-in named Ghostery, then click its ghost icon in your browser’s toolbar and click “Trust Site.”

If you do not see the images from Twitter, it may be due to older versions of privacy extensions, such as Privacy Badger, blocking Twitter. If you experience other problems with images loading, then please check to see if you are using similar blockers and allow them to connect.

If you are using Firefox web browser and still experience the symptom, then go to Options and Privacy, and uncheck “Use Tracking Protection in Private Window”. If you need more details about this, contact

If you do not see results on the Search page and you are using the browser extension named Ad Block Plus, then click the Ad Block Plus stop sign logo and click Disable for

I’m stuck, can you help?

If you need other assistance, please send an email to