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Give your intel team increased awareness of LE-relevant topics.
Get the latest updates from law enforcement agencies and news reporters. Actionable news, not noise.


  • Intelligence Officers
  • Crime Analysis Units
  • Intelligence-Led Policing Units
  • Public Information Officers
  • Fire Rescue and EM
  • Chief of Staff


How EyesOn works for you:

Customize powerful search, monitoring, and analysis tools by your geography and topics of interest. Deep learning algorithms filter out irrelevant noise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EyesOn is designed to be effective, low cost, and easy to use.

A: EyesOn does not monitor individuals in the their private capacity. Instead, EyesOn draws upon information from news reporters, pubic safety agencies, and similar professional sources.
A: EyesOn.ai works with Edge, IE11, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Chromium, and Tor on Windows, Linux, Mac, and most recent smartphones.
A: EyesOn.ai is not an ad-supported site, does not display ads, track your movements on the web, or sell your information to third parties. That said, some ad-blocking and privacy plugins may interfere with our ability to display content from Twitter and other sources. We suggest disabling such plugins for our site, or adding EyesOn.ai to your plugin’s “white list”.
A: EyesOn.ai is eyes on the news. EyesOn.ai is a website to help First Responders, especially LE, FR, and EM, by providing agency-relevant news awareness.
The Monitor automatically brings the right news to your attention whether at the local, state, regional, or national level.
The visual Search tool provides a simple-but-powerful way to explore news events. Add custom searches to your Monitor with one-click.
A: Our mission is to help all First Responders protect people by providing news quickly and easily delivered in a simple-to-use, but powerful system. This means EyesOn.ai is specifically designed to be affordably priced for every size agency.
A: A search for “grand theft auto” on Google or Twitter will get many hits for a video game, but few are relevant to law enforcement. The technical challenge we solve is improving quality. This system automatically identifies and delivers the content most relevant to first responder agencies, such as law enforcement.
Our monitoring tool uses algorithms to remove the clutter of non-crime related news and posts such as PSAs and fake news, while still keeping you aware of important information from other regional agencies.
A: If you have a need to consider a refund, you likely subscribed to EyesOn.ai. Which means we owe you a "Thank You!" Our goal is to help first responder agencies get eyes on the news and awareness. This is only possible if agencies try it out. We are trying our best to deliver a product that is powerful-yet-easy-to-use, but we know it may not be right for everyone. So, here are somethings you might want to know:
  • There are no return fees or other surprises.
  • You may cancel within the first 30 days and receive a full refund for all 30 days - even if you used EyesOn.ai for 29 days.
  • After the first 30 days, you may cancel any subscription with 30 days notice.

Send an email to Help@EyesOn.ai to process a refund.

Even if EyesOn is not right for your agency, please consider whether it may help one of your peer agencies and send a referral to them.